Counseling for Couples and Families

Sara Phillips, MS, LCMFT

From isolation to connection...

Why do we constantly argue about the same issues?
How will we ever resolve this problem?
Why do I feel so alone even when I'm with my spouse?
When did my spouse become a roommate rather than a partner?
 How can I get my partner to really hear what I have to say?

Most partners ask themselves some or all of these questions at some point in their relationship.  Couples often experience periods of distance in their relationship or encounter a conflict that feels impossible to resolve, leaving them feeling alone, rejected, angry, or helpless. 

Couple relationships can be devastated by loss, infidelity, and abuse, and partners can feel overwhelmed by the daily demands of work and raising children.  If you are feeling alone, stuck, and frustrated in your relationship, or even contemplating divorce, there is hope. 

Marriage counseling or couples therapy can help you create lasting change.  As a licensed clinical marriage and family therapist, I would like to help you to restore intimacy, rebuild trust, and experience closeness with your partner.  You can move from isolation to connection.



I specialize in helping couples create stable and satisfying relationships by working with partners to learn new patterns of interaction and strengthen relationship bonds in a safe and nurturing therapeutic environment. I am certified in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), an empirically validated approach to helping couples reduce relationship distress and create more secure attachment bonds. To learn more about EFT, you can visit The International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy at

Please contact me at 410-696-2183 or email me at  I will be happy to discuss your current situation to help you determine if therapy is a good option to help you meet your goals.

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