Counseling for Couples and Families

Sara Phillips, MS, LCMFT


Marriage Counseling or Couples Therapy

Couples often go through cycles of closeness and distance throughout the course of their relationship. Distance between partners can be caused by many things, ranging from the inability to communicate effectively, infidelity, and emotional or physical abuse, to everyday stressors, like raising children or balancing work and family.

Whatever causes these periods of distance, it can be extremely lonely and isolating to feel distant from your partner. Even in healthy relationships, partners can feel stuck when trying to work through a difficult issue or communicate about daily stressors.

I work with couples to improve communication, restore intimacy, and strengthen relationship bonds by providing a safe and nurturing environment to share and reconnect while learning new skills to continue working on and improving relationships while at home.

Family Therapy

Ideally a family is a safe haven for its members, providing comfort, nurturance, and respite from the outside world. All too often, however, families are a source of stress and chaos when communication is ineffective and love and support is overshadowed by criticism and disappointment.

Parents become frustrated when they feel their children no longer listen to or respect them, and children and adolescents become discouraged when they feel misunderstood by their parents or lost in the busyness of family life.

I work with families to re-establish boundaries, implement structure, and develop effective communication skills that allow family members to connect with one another in session and continue to work on healthy relationships while at home.

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